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OPSd is a collection of all our best practices advanced over the years of working with our clients. We developed a building blocks approach using which, we significantly reduce the cloud infrastructure delivery time and simplify its management.

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We provide comprehensive consulting, development and extended support services.


We have over ten years of experience in creating high-performance and distributed cloud based systems. We're advising how to deliver and manage infrastructure automation at scale powered by the best practices of the DevOps culture.


As we are a relatively small company, we are constantly optimizing the way we work. Efficient use of time is very important to us. We develop the blocks and layers approach which allows us to reduce the delivery time from months to weeks.

IT staffing

The DevOps team plays a very responsible role in the organization and working with a critical data on a daily basis. Therefore, when working with our clients, we provide them a dedicated team of reliable and highly qualified engineers.


If your system is mission critical and needs ongoing care, we can help with our Service Level Agreements plans. Depending on the needs, we provide services starting from on-demand with defined reaction time and ending on 24x7 level.

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Organizations that we've been supporting for years

Relayr GmbH
Erlang Solutions LTD
Verias LLC