Guidelines we follow

Meet our infrastructure design principles

Everything as code!

We are delivering our work in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) model. It means that the code includes both the infrastructure and application related procedures. This fact ensures that all we deliver is repeatable, scalable and restorable in case of any failure.

Our expertise areas

Our strengths that we can use to help your organization.

Cloud managed services

We can operate on any cloud provider starting from AWS, Azure to self hosted VMware stack. We always try to achieve stable and cost optimized cloud environment for your business needs.

Cloud to cloud migrations

Undocumented, unpredictable environments or constantly rising costs might be a trigger to change your hosting provider. Use our operations skills and Building Blocks model to achieve this.


Docker enables you to build a container image and use it across every step of the deployment process. Using Building Blocks model you can describe all the procedures related to this process.


In our understanding CI/CD terms refer to both the application and the infrastructure code. Using CI/CD pipelines we are sure that we introduce all changes in a conscious manner.


For us monitoring means more than just answering your calls when systems collapse. Based on logs, metrics and statuses we provide comprehensive information about the state of the system.

Disaster recovery

Be prepared for recovery of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. We can provide a set of policies, tools and procedures to achieve this.

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