Support principles

We consider each project individually, adjusting the parameters of support to the real needs. We provide support in the field of Operations and DevOps for proactive, daily supervision over the client's systems. Such a flexible approach plus our building blocks approach allows us to provide support services starting for small startups and ending the most demanding customers.

Support options

Below, we present sample support plans as a basis for further discussions.


  • Schedule: on-demand

  • Response time: 2 business days

  • Resolution time: 1 week

  • Time zone: CEST

  • Dedicated team: no


  • Schedule: 8x5

  • Response time: 1 business days

  • Resolution time: 4 days

  • Time zone: CEST & client

  • Dedicated team: yes


  • Schedule: 24x7

  • Response time: 1 hour

  • Resolution time: 2 days

  • Time zone: all

  • Dedicated team: yes

What else can we help you with?

We want our services to be as comprehensive as possible


Don't reinvent the wheel! All you need to do is use our cloud infrastructure knowledge and experience to achieve your goals.


Use the potential of a building block approach to create and manage your cloud ecosystem in a simple and understandable way.

IT staffing

We scale with the development of the project, providing support starting from a single engineer to the entire DevOps team.