Infrastructure design

Our roots lie in the strong Linux community and the times when SysAdmins managed the IT world. We feel comfortable advising on both On-Premise and IaaS areas, such as: AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. We create projects that will be easy to maintain, well documented, scalable and with high security standards.

Infrastructure as Code

If you would like to or have already implemented IaC in your organization but it hasn't brought tangible benefits you should definitely read about our building blocks approach. Our implementation is based on our production experience and allows for a quick path from prototype to production deployment.

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud


In our understanding CI/CD refers not only to building and delivering the application code to a production but to manage the entire system using Git. This approach assumes that the code repository contains the declarative description of the environment and all the tools and procedures need to deliver it to the described state.

Circle CI
GitLab CI


Too many graphs, dashboards and notifications cause informational chaos and make us less vigilant. It is very difficult to choose from the thicket of logs and metrics the most important ones that will determine the actual state of the system. Some of the issues can be automatically resolved, others must be reported to support team for verification.


The elimination of vulnerabilities must be provided on every step of the infrastructure and application development process. It needs to be regularly examined by different tools and teams but in some cases even that is not enough. That is why, it's so important to collect and store all the logs and other metadata information needed to conduct the forensic analysis.


Cost optimalization

A common problem with cloud environments is the lack of cost control procedures. There are many scenarios: abandoned environments, not optimal contract type, oversized or badly configured infrastructure which starts generating unnecessary costs for many weeks or even months.

Disaster recovery

A disaster recovery (DR) plan should be designed, implemented and tested regularly from the very beginning of each project. When the critical failure occurs, the worst that can happen is that the support team will work under heavy emotions and not the procedures.

What else can we help you with?

We want our services to be as comprehensive as possible


Use the potential of a building block approach to create and manage your cloud ecosystem in a simple and understandable way.

IT staffing

We scale with the development of the project, providing support starting from a single engineer to the entire DevOps team.


If frequent system failures mean you lose customers, money or reputation, we can support it with our flexible SLA plans.