Project overview

Client Industry Location Timeline

Erlang-Solutions LTD

Erlang & Elixir consulting

London, UK

08/2016 - 04/2017

The challenge

  1. dockerize all the intranet services

  2. dockerize all the company and conference webistes

  3. setup CI/CD environment for management purposes

  4. migrate all the development, staging, performance and production environments

  5. setup monitoring and alerting system

Tech stack

The Solution

Delivering the solution requires work on many levels and with many customer teams, both technical and non-technical.

Infrastructure automation

All the used AWS components were delivered in Infrastructure as Code model written in Terraform and Ansible. From now on, the entire infrastructure management process takes place via Pull Requests only.


All the internal services like company and conferences websites were Dockerized. In addition, this step allowed us to fill in the gaps in the documentation regarding the process of building and running the client's code.

Monitoring and alerting

With the help of Open Source tools such as Grafana and Icinga2, we have created a monitoring and alerting system. This allowed us to detect the source of failures, anomalies and hackers attack attempts way much faster.

Cost management

To reflect the division of infrastructure costs between the company’s branches dedicated sub-accounts have been created. Additionally, based on the resource estimates, reservations were created, which allowed to reduce the total cost by ~40% compared to On-Demand option.

The Result

  • management of the infrastructure, applications and related procedures from the code level

  • fully auditable Ci/Cd pipelines

  • infrastructure status reflected in comprehensible dashboards

  • infrastructure costs under control