Project overview

Client Industry Location Timeline

Verias LLC

Content marketing

Florida, US

07/2017 - 05/2018

The challenge

  1. automate of building, testing and delivering process for all the microservices

  2. automate the infrastructure creation and management process

  3. wrap all the taks and procedures into CI/CD pipelines

  4. improve monitoring and alerting system

Tech stack

The Solution

Delivering the solution requires work on many levels and with many customer teams, both technical and non-technical.


The procedures responsible for building microservices from scratch have been created. This fact allowed us to enable rollout and rollback procedures.


All the cloud infrastructure related components were written down using building blocks model allowing us to be repeatable across all the environments.


We delivered all procedures related to building microservices and infrastructure management in the form of pipelines. This step gave more freedom to development teams, in terms of deployment, located in different time zones.


We covered all the critical parts of the system with detectors, on the basis of which we could visualize the operation of the system in the form of dashboards. All recurring events were additionally described with procedures triggered by the monitoring system at the time of detection.

The Result

  • everything starting from the application, cloud management and ending on the procedures are in the code

  • better understanding of system performance

  • minimizing the number of notifications generated by the monitoring system

  • improving cooperation between DevOps and Development teams by creating easy to use tools and procedures